A very interesting social business from Latvia, created by a German guy who felt in love with the country MAMMU.LV

harvest your chair

Werner Aisslinger  is presenting a chair growing inside a warehouse in Milan this year.

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las gordas

Las Gordas by Christian Vivanco
Showing the beauty of simple objects, simple shapes. Reinterpretation of existing mass produced objects to create new products.

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urban tribal

Jewellery from Tiffany Rowe more to be seen on her website.


A story in a book ….

3d printing

We see more and more 3d printed objects, however 3d printers are usefull tools for developing and producing objects, where is the fun of getting your hands dirty ? I feel the danger of having 3d printed objects, where the hand behind the object is forgotten.

I love to get my hands dirty, working with the material and seeing my project evolving step after step, 3d printing shall remain one of the tools of the process, and not the production tool itself, do we really need 3d printed business cards, or vases is it really better and does it make sense ?


Yii is a Tawainese company working with young talented designer.
They create modern objects with a strong accent on the know-how of the craftsmen.