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As a designer working in a social field I am asked to work with communities or to develop projects within communities.

I have my ideas, my way of working on a project and I know what I want for them, regarding the general environment and living it I can sense what is important and the direction the project shall take. There is here a big danger :

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how to make a business model

After learning the business model structure, a friend of mine introduced me to this business model tool, which has the advantage to be very visual and gives you the ability to have a clear overview of your business at any time.

However, I was not satisfied with the model taking in account only economical costs and monetary values, I want to implement social value and cost in this model, here is a first step towards a more complete approach, I would be happy to hear about your ideas and approach on this.

Download it here : businessmodelgeneration.com

My modified version including a social approach : download 




A very interesting social business from Latvia, created by a German guy who felt in love with the country MAMMU.LV

cooperative work

If you’re living in the Netherlands, there is a nice cooperation for social entrepreneurs in Eindhoven : IS•CE

when we build

An amazing talk given by Wilson Miner was given at the 2011 Buildconf.

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this text and the one beside are equal

Photo by Jacklyn Atlas.

“This text and the one beside it are equal.” A collaborative work by artist Micah Lexier and poet Christian Bok. This urban intervention made me smile.

Via Booooooom

tube toys

Tube toys by Oscar Diaz, one of the smartest toys I’ve seen recently.

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leisure vs work

An inspiring quote from L.P. Jack on his book education trough recreation


fresh love

Fresh Love, a project from Photographer Hal capturing the freshness of love by warping people in vaccum bags. He says that “when you kiss someone sometimes you want to melt into the person” the two lovers become one.

Photographer Hal

a metro in gaza

Starting with the difficulty to travel trough Gaza in Palestine, Mohamed Abuse is exploring the idea of a metro in Gaza. A dream for Gaza, they already have a bit of experience in making tunnels.

by Mohamed Abusal

suisse humanitaire

The humanitarian memory project, a contest to show how people are helping their fellows, a series of movies.
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watch sculptures

Dominic Wilcox, created a series of 5 kinetic sculptures from old watches. Having a critical look at the actuality and societal behaviours.

the great wall

the great wall, from Guy Laramee who’s goal is “To project us into this thick Cloud of Unknowing.”

shadow images

The Swiss Designers Drzach&Suchy created three pieces for the permanent exhibition of a museum in Winterthur. Depending on the direction of the light you’ll see a different image.

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lana sutra

The Lana Sutra is a series of 15 installations conceived as a homage to love and dedicated to the desire for an equal and sharing society.
by benneton