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fast track

big trampoline

“Fast track” is a integral part of park infrastructure, it is a road and an installation at the same time. It challenges the concept of infrastructure that only focuses on technical and functional aspects and tends to be ignorant to its surroundings. “Fast track” is an attempt to create intelligent infrastructure that is emotional and corresponds to the local context. It gives the user a different experience of moving and percieving the environment.

Text by Salto Architectes

tough guy

The tough guy is one of these weired sport event you sometimes come across,

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harvest your chair

Werner Aisslinger  is presenting a chair growing inside a warehouse in Milan this year.

Via : dezeen

off the grid

In days where technology is driving our lives, some people decided to take a step back, sometimes extreme.

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the morning after

Giesermann André and Daniel Schulz, two german students from Hamburg decided to take pictures of night clubs once everyone left.

Via : Visualnews


switch in the traveling way

An interesting article from ADWEEK, exploring what is happening to the ritual of getting a car and a driving licence.


ban the cell phones

Through banning cell phones from school, a new business emerged in NY city, you can leave your phone in a truck in front of the school during the day, and get it back after your day. I’m wondering how this business idea can be extended in our daily life on a voluntary base, can I get rid of my phone for a few hours during the day, and how it would change my life.

Experimentation in progress.

flexible outdoor

A combination between the shopping troley and the public bench, allowing the user to take a chair and seat wher he wants, getting back his coin when giving back the chair. I’m not sure if the concept would really work, 1€ is not much for a good looking chair. The setup would be nice in a semi-public environnement, and probably needs a bit more of control.
A project by the design studio Bernstrand

The project looks however similar from the project of Vincent Wittenberg presented at the Bat Yam biennale of Landscape Urbanism in 2010.
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one year, one girl, one million dollars


One of the cRAZIEST challenges I’ve ever heard of. A friend of mine decided to go in a journey that will change his whole life. He’s willing in one year to :

  • raise 1’000’000 $ to travel around the world in a luxiurious way
  • find his soulmate to travel with her

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unknown recent artefact

With a rapide expension of our lifestyle, the kids don’t recognize recent objects anymore. What is a walmkman or a vinyl LP …. kids can’t tell anymore.

This is raising the question of sustainability of our society, the rapid growing means also a rapid change in our daily life objects. This is going on in every field of action, not only entertainement, but also shopping, traveling, …. even in the kitchen we might not understant the tools our grand-parents where using.

Via John Scalzi

lucky ant

The lucky ant, an initiative to make a better neighborhood by helping your local businesses to grow and have a better offer. Because these places are part of your daily social life.

amazing glasses

An interesting investigation from WebUrbanist.

here are the young men

jasper 21 (before during and after) his engagment in Afghanistan. ©Claire Felicie

Claire Felicie an Amsterdam based photographer created a series of portraits of young dutch marines before during and after their engagment in a conflict zone.

you can read a full interview on Designboom

suisse humanitaire

The humanitarian memory project, a contest to show how people are helping their fellows, a series of movies.
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eco visionary

Frank Lloyd Wright’s concerns with materials, efficient use of space, sustainable manufacturing, attention to local environment and use of natural light mirror those of contemporary architects worldwide. His concern with efficient use of material and space, made him a precursor in an environmentally friendly architecture.