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when hermes and leica meet


A very interesting project from two french designers “Elodie Poidatz” and “Stephane de Sousa“.



A very interesting social business from Latvia, created by a German guy who felt in love with the country MAMMU.LV

harvest your chair

Werner Aisslinger  is presenting a chair growing inside a warehouse in Milan this year.

Via : dezeen

tube toys

Tube toys by Oscar Diaz, one of the smartest toys I’ve seen recently.

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playfull lamp

Pani Jurek, based in Warszawa designed Maria SC, a lamp with test tubes that you can modify according to your envies. Letting the user modify the lamp, and creating an emotional link with the object.

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amazing glasses

An interesting investigation from WebUrbanist.

watch sculptures

Dominic Wilcox, created a series of 5 kinetic sculptures from old watches. Having a critical look at the actuality and societal behaviours.

ornamic machine

Imagine unearthing a piece of tech history that changed music forever.

Nearly half a century after its invention, the Oramics machine – one of the most significant devices in the history of electronic music – has taken centre stage at the Science Museum for the first time.

LJ Rich explains the invention of Daphne Oram, the first director of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop and a central figure in the evolution of electronic music.

video on BBC news

cultural emergency in conflict and disaster

I’d really like to have this book.

have a look at the book review on designboom


A really simple and smart product !
via CoolTools


An inspiring porcelain work by Simon Naouri.

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A furniture created to avoid distractions while talking to someone.
From David Tsai davidtsai.net

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urban tribal

Jewellery from Tiffany Rowe more to be seen on her website.


A story in a book ….