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pluk je momenten

Pluk Je Momenten ….

flexible outdoor

A combination between the shopping troley and the public bench, allowing the user to take a chair and seat wher he wants, getting back his coin when giving back the chair. I’m not sure if the concept would really work, 1€ is not much for a good looking chair. The setup would be nice in a semi-public environnement, and probably needs a bit more of control.
A project by the design studio Bernstrand

The project looks however similar from the project of Vincent Wittenberg presented at the Bat Yam biennale of Landscape Urbanism in 2010.
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snow drawings

Snow circles, a project by Sonja Hirnichsen in colorado. A choregraphy made with snow boots.

more pictures here : flicrk
Sonja Hirnichsen’s website

creavity inspired by freedom

A nice video from kreativ.hu.

upgrade the day

No need to comment.

The generosity day

la ville molle

La ville molle, a project by Raum in Brouges. Changing an hard surface to a soft surface, allowing people interract with the street in an unexpected way. A great effect in the imediate area.

a metro in gaza

Starting with the difficulty to travel trough Gaza in Palestine, Mohamed Abuse is exploring the idea of a metro in Gaza. A dream for Gaza, they already have a bit of experience in making tunnels.

by Mohamed Abusal

urban video game

A playfull installation in the city, made me smile.

City Fireflies v0.2  from Victor Diaz

千 doors

Sometimes you run across unexpected ideas.

Doors by South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa.

This reminds me something Details »

diy snow machine

DIY taken to the next level, the way we can now collaborate and share knowledge lead us sometimes to estonnishing territories.
Sharing and improvig your idea is maybe one of the best things internet brought to us.

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Second hand, sharing p2p object sharing, …. there are a lot of new ways to share.
Lina Fenequito designed a machine to ehence sharing with you peers.


l’homme bus

Martial vit dans son univers, dans son imaginaire. Le genre de personne bouleversante, touchante. Personnage atypique qui a le pouvoir d’égayer une journée.

claim the public space

stiftung FREIZEIT works mainly in the public space,  creating new environnement with small interventions. Making people aware of “invisible” spaces.

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hier staat u voor paal !

urban tribal

Jewellery from Tiffany Rowe more to be seen on her website.