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the electric cooperative story

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ornamic machine

Imagine unearthing a piece of tech history that changed music forever.

Nearly half a century after its invention, the Oramics machine – one of the most significant devices in the history of electronic music – has taken centre stage at the Science Museum for the first time.

LJ Rich explains the invention of Daphne Oram, the first director of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop and a central figure in the evolution of electronic music.

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A really simple and smart product !
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flying architecture

What if some day our home will be constructed automaticly, where do you want your flat ?
A radicaly new approach to architecture by Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello D’Andrea in cooperation with ETH Zurich.

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invoked computing

What if the computer would learn from you what you want to do ?
Research project by Ishikawa oku laboratory

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the toaste project

The toaster project from Thomas Thwaites
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getting the informations

What is our need for information, and where is the limit between too little information and too much information ?

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3d printing

We see more and more 3d printed objects, however 3d printers are usefull tools for developing and producing objects, where is the fun of getting your hands dirty ? I feel the danger of having 3d printed objects, where the hand behind the object is forgotten.

I love to get my hands dirty, working with the material and seeing my project evolving step after step, 3d printing shall remain one of the tools of the process, and not the production tool itself, do we really need 3d printed business cards, or vases is it really better and does it make sense ?

swiss army knive

The swiss knive is focused on the essential tools you need in your daily life during your military service. Victorinox revisited this much needed tool for a daily use in an world where we are dependent of electronic data.

3d printing or the future.

We see arriving on the market cheap 3d printer that can already print in HD.
The next step is the ability to print with different materials, one day maybe we will be able to print our home.

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rss reader

Vienna is the perfect tool to follow the blogs you’re reading, allowing you to mark articles and share them.


Starter upper a tool to start creating your company, even suggesting you a name for it.
What we might need sometime is just a little help from a website to start following our guts.