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changing behaviours is the new inovation

We are at the tail end of an era that has focused almost entirely on the innovation of products and services, and we are at the beginning of a new era that focuses on the innovation of what I like to call “behavioral business models.” These models go beyond asking how we can make what we make better and cheaper, or asking how we can do what we do faster. They are about asking why we do what we do to begin with. And the question of why is almost always tied to the question of how markets behave.

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the power of being different

An interesting article concerning brand identity and product identity.

Difference + Advantage = Differentiated Advantage.

The trick is to be different in a way that is highly relevant to your audience. Different in a way that creates competitive advantage. Advantage that is, over time, as sustainable as possible. All of which is to say–it’s not easy.
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cooperative work

If you’re living in the Netherlands, there is a nice cooperation for social entrepreneurs in Eindhoven : IS•CE

off the grid

In days where technology is driving our lives, some people decided to take a step back, sometimes extreme.

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when we build

An amazing talk given by Wilson Miner was given at the 2011 Buildconf.

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the unreasonable institute

The Unreasonable Institute provides a support to businesses that try to solve the planet’s problems. It is a social investment platform, with advices given from some of the best businessmens in the world. The citizens of the world get to choose the project to be supported. You can invest your money in one of these companies (limited to $50 / company), your money is your choice !


social design

a very interesting article by factcodesign

social design ?

My friends ask me what is “social design”, any type of design has a social component, from the design to the use of the product. For me social design goes beyond this, Details »

create chaos

A talk from Ben Chestnut, co-founder of Mailchimp gave a talk about how to keep and create a creative environnement in a company. Do yourself a favour and watch this  video.

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the nicest place on the internet

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cultural emergency in conflict and disaster

I’d really like to have this book.

have a look at the book review on designboom

give 10%

“Kymmenykset” poster designed by Michell Laurence

Social design is an absurd term that nonetheless circulates widely. It is absurd because it assumes that there is such a thing as asocial design. Details »