cooperative work

If you’re living in the Netherlands, there is a nice cooperation for social entrepreneurs in Eindhoven : IS•CE

tough guy

The tough guy is one of these weired sport event you sometimes come across,

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harvest your chair

Werner Aisslinger  is presenting a chair growing inside a warehouse in Milan this year.

Via : dezeen

off the grid

In days where technology is driving our lives, some people decided to take a step back, sometimes extreme.

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the morning after

Giesermann André and Daniel Schulz, two german students from Hamburg decided to take pictures of night clubs once everyone left.

Via : Visualnews


switch in the traveling way

An interesting article from ADWEEK, exploring what is happening to the ritual of getting a car and a driving licence.


when we build

An amazing talk given by Wilson Miner was given at the 2011 Buildconf.

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nice quotes

Via Austin Kleon


ban the cell phones

Through banning cell phones from school, a new business emerged in NY city, you can leave your phone in a truck in front of the school during the day, and get it back after your day. I’m wondering how this business idea can be extended in our daily life on a voluntary base, can I get rid of my phone for a few hours during the day, and how it would change my life.

Experimentation in progress.

this text and the one beside are equal

Photo by Jacklyn Atlas.

“This text and the one beside it are equal.” A collaborative work by artist Micah Lexier and poet Christian Bok. This urban intervention made me smile.

Via Booooooom

tube toys

Tube toys by Oscar Diaz, one of the smartest toys I’ve seen recently.

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leisure vs work

An inspiring quote from L.P. Jack on his book education trough recreation


fluent in 11 languages

One of my friend call me a Language freak, being able to communicate in different languages. Every language has its personality, we’re often trying to find a common language or level in a language to communicate. I think this idea of a common language is restraining our capabilities to express ourselves. There are things we can express the way we want it only in a certain language, it looses its meaning when translated. With the language comes also a thinking, it is not only about words but mostly about what is underneath the language, opening what you can express. There are feelings that I can only say in Japanese, and I’ve never found a proper translation for it. I do sometimes understand myself better in Japanese or English rather than French which is my mother-tongue. Switching from one language to another while speaking with friends is one of the greatest feeling, being able to express exactly what you want to express without any translation.

We shall embrace the language differences more than trying to avoid them or merging to a common language.

Video on BBC news

flexible outdoor

A combination between the shopping troley and the public bench, allowing the user to take a chair and seat wher he wants, getting back his coin when giving back the chair. I’m not sure if the concept would really work, 1€ is not much for a good looking chair. The setup would be nice in a semi-public environnement, and probably needs a bit more of control.
A project by the design studio Bernstrand

The project looks however similar from the project of Vincent Wittenberg presented at the Bat Yam biennale of Landscape Urbanism in 2010.
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snow drawings

Snow circles, a project by Sonja Hirnichsen in colorado. A choregraphy made with snow boots.

more pictures here : flicrk
Sonja Hirnichsen’s website