fresh love

Fresh Love, a project from Photographer Hal capturing the freshness of love by warping people in vaccum bags. He says that “when you kiss someone sometimes you want to melt into the person” the two lovers become one.

Photographer Hal

when women lead the world

An interesting new book by Steven Pinker

Skeptics immediately reply that women have not made war simply because they have rarely been in power. If they were empowered as leaders, the conditions of an anarchic world would force them to make the same bellicose decisions that men do. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi were powerful women; all of them led their countries to war.

Full article on Aljazeera
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one year, one girl, one million dollars


One of the cRAZIEST challenges I’ve ever heard of. A friend of mine decided to go in a journey that will change his whole life. He’s willing in one year to :

  • raise 1’000’000 $ to travel around the world in a luxiurious way
  • find his soulmate to travel with her

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changing education paradigms

Is there a problem with our education system. Is it really fitting our needs in a moving society where we’re asked to cross the bondaries of our field of expertise. How can we haf a transdiciplinary education system ?

unknown recent artefact

With a rapide expension of our lifestyle, the kids don’t recognize recent objects anymore. What is a walmkman or a vinyl LP …. kids can’t tell anymore.

This is raising the question of sustainability of our society, the rapid growing means also a rapid change in our daily life objects. This is going on in every field of action, not only entertainement, but also shopping, traveling, …. even in the kitchen we might not understant the tools our grand-parents where using.

Via John Scalzi

underground social activism

UX is a group of passionated people in Paris, they are restoring the french patrimony accessible by underground galleries.

I found this nice article on WIRED magazine here.

creavity inspired by freedom

A nice video from kreativ.hu.

playfull lamp

Pani Jurek, based in Warszawa designed Maria SC, a lamp with test tubes that you can modify according to your envies. Letting the user modify the lamp, and creating an emotional link with the object.

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upgrade the day

No need to comment.

The generosity day

lucky ant

The lucky ant, an initiative to make a better neighborhood by helping your local businesses to grow and have a better offer. Because these places are part of your daily social life.

amazing glasses

An interesting investigation from WebUrbanist.

la ville molle

La ville molle, a project by Raum in Brouges. Changing an hard surface to a soft surface, allowing people interract with the street in an unexpected way. A great effect in the imediate area.

the american dream

Ido invite you to read some articles from one of the Directors,  Tad Lumpkin on BIGgovernement.

here are the young men

jasper 21 (before during and after) his engagment in Afghanistan. ©Claire Felicie

Claire Felicie an Amsterdam based photographer created a series of portraits of young dutch marines before during and after their engagment in a conflict zone.

you can read a full interview on Designboom

a metro in gaza

Starting with the difficulty to travel trough Gaza in Palestine, Mohamed Abuse is exploring the idea of a metro in Gaza. A dream for Gaza, they already have a bit of experience in making tunnels.

by Mohamed Abusal