create chaos

A talk from Ben Chestnut, co-founder of Mailchimp gave a talk about how to keep and create a creative environnement in a company. Do yourself a favour and watch this  video.

via Tina Roth Eisenberg

one day on earth

One Day On Earth by Kyle Ruddick

Filming one day on earth globally 11.11.11 and sharing it. A film about you and me, made by you and me.

world shapin

The Worldshapin project is taking the data from the UN’s Human Development report and present them in an interactive and interesting way, allowing you to to analyze the data in an interesting and non-boring way. Allowing you to compare the data overtime.

by Carlo zapponi

the positive posters

The positive posters is an idea with optimistic intentions born in cloudy times. the positive posters are sentences, sayings and quotes of free interpretation, but with a big desire of generating a smile, an optimistic thought or a positive moment.

the positive posters
by Bisgràfic

tabletop architecture

Covers from Luis Urculo

the nicest place on the internet

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cultural emergency in conflict and disaster

I’d really like to have this book.

have a look at the book review on designboom

give 10%

“Kymmenykset” poster designed by Michell Laurence

Social design is an absurd term that nonetheless circulates widely. It is absurd because it assumes that there is such a thing as asocial design. Details »


A really simple and smart product !
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千 doors

Sometimes you run across unexpected ideas.

Doors by South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa.

This reminds me something Details »

diy snow machine

DIY taken to the next level, the way we can now collaborate and share knowledge lead us sometimes to estonnishing territories.
Sharing and improvig your idea is maybe one of the best things internet brought to us.

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heinz meier

Heinz meier srarted photograhpy one year ago …. wooow !

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cut everything

for the Maccabees by the animator David Wilson. Beind inventive with a small budget.
making of here

research & develop it yourself

An interestin initiative on window gardening. How by sharing an experiment we can build a community and have an impact.

This project is part of a bigger initiative : Research & Develop It Yourself

do unto others….

I’d love for us as an industry to be more tolerant, to encourage others and get rid of that underlying tone, that has crept in recently, of one-upmanship. I don’t expect everyone to get on, or even share the same opinion, but before making a snarky comment, ask yourself what real value it’s adding to the community? Personally, snarky comments on twitter remind me of one of a saying…

“Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength”.

via Sarah Parmenter (full article on her website)