tomorrow reinvented

With our homes being bigger and bigger, it is a paradox that our furniture is trending to be more compact and foldable. Could we not get rid of our furniture ?


Second hand, sharing p2p object sharing, …. there are a lot of new ways to share.
Lina Fenequito designed a machine to ehence sharing with you peers.


think gnorw

A workshop at the Montana State university by Ben Barry.
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flying architecture

What if some day our home will be constructed automaticly, where do you want your flat ?
A radicaly new approach to architecture by Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello D’Andrea in cooperation with ETH Zurich.

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everyone = boom

What seems to be a funny experience raises a lot of questions.
Our society is saturated with violence, either in the news or in the entertainment (sometimes new channels acts like entertainment channels).
What is our relation to this fetish and glorified violence ?


Via Factodesign

invoked computing

What if the computer would learn from you what you want to do ?
Research project by Ishikawa oku laboratory

via core77


An inspiring porcelain work by Simon Naouri.

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l’homme bus

Martial vit dans son univers, dans son imaginaire. Le genre de personne bouleversante, touchante. Personnage atypique qui a le pouvoir d’égayer une journée.

claim the public space

stiftung FREIZEIT works mainly in the public space,  creating new environnement with small interventions. Making people aware of “invisible” spaces.

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mano negra

MANONEGRA mezcal has a new packaging, linking the long history knowledge to the packaging. Having a stronger link between the buyer and the maker.

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A furniture created to avoid distractions while talking to someone.
From David Tsai davidtsai.net

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the holstee manifesto


Problem or solution ?


oshikamo house

I like the spaces created inside this house, undefined and free. It seems like they don’t need any furniture.

by Katsutoshi Saaki + Associates


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