culture & hairstyle

I like the attention given to traditional hairstyle, an idea of beauty related to the time spent working on the head of the woman. A monomaterial moving sculpture working with highlights and shadows.


It’s a cRAZY iNITIATIVE we started with a friend in Geneva, it’s about reflecting on ideas with a free thinking, not being afraid of giving silly ideas. Silly ideas often lead to new initiatives and great inovations. Be hungry be cRAZY.


Office of the future … James Burke 1969

“Anything I want they bring, even company”
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Creative Roots

Investigating into a culture shall always start with the bank notes, you usually find both tradition and modernity in them, the expression of the country, the most spread way of communicating the culture within the country.
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Yii is a Tawainese company working with young talented designer.
They create modern objects with a strong accent on the know-how of the craftsmen.


The Idiots

The Idiots from Amsterdam brought taxidermia to the next level. Working with this confidential craft in a way that is totally new and poetic.


Starter upper a tool to start creating your company, even suggesting you a name for it.
What we might need sometime is just a little help from a website to start following our guts.